by Auguste Lepere

Paris 30 novembre 1849 - domme 20 novembre 1918
Bois gravé : 34 x 25 cm

Auguste Lepere (Paris 30 novembre 1849 - domme 20 novembre 1918)

Auguste Lepere

He’s the son of françois lepère, a sculpter, Rude’ student. At the age of 13, he begin as pupil in the workshop of Joseph Smeeton. In parallel, he’s attending drawing lessons at the Lecoq de Boisbaudran school. In 1872, he created with henri paillard a workshop in paris. He works for the world of illustrations. Auguste Lepère is considered as one of the most talented french engraver. His artwork are exhibited in french and abroad museum.

This work is an original work of art :
VAT is not recoverable from the original works, sales in the 7th directive (EEC)

300 euros

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