by Olivier Debre

Paris 14 avril 1920 - Paris 2 juin 1999
Lithographie : 56 x 75 cm

Olivier Debre (Paris 14 avril 1920 - Paris 2 juin 1999)

Olivier Debre

At the war’s eve, he joined the fine art school and goes to Corbusier’s workshop, before meeting picasso in paris during the occupation. He has a decisive influence on the young artist, He choses to exceed the representation in order to express his emotions. In the last years of the war oliver debré goes from figuration to abstraction. In 1949 his first exhibition is organized at the bing gallery, where he shows painting with great color liberty and expression. In 1950, the painter favors the matter and deaf colors, somehow close to contemporary work of nicolas de stael.

He pushes the sign as an representative element of the thought in series like the characters series. Then he progressively comes back to landscapes, and qualifies his painting of « fervent abstraction », like « the emotion created by the contemplation of a landscape ».

At the end of 1960s, he travels a lot looking for new landscapes. In the 1980s, he receives public orders like the scene’s curtain of the comedie française in  1987.


In 1977 the choregraph Carolyn Carlson creates the signs ballet, on a rene aubry song . Olivier debré dies in paris in 1999, at the age of 79.

This work is an original work of art :
VAT is not recoverable from the original works, sales in the 7th directive (EEC)

450 euros

This work of art is not available anymore.

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