by William Stanley Hayter

1901 - 1988
Lithographie : 45 x 63 cm

William Stanley Hayter (1901 - 1988)

William Stanley Hayter

English’s origin his started in engrave in 1921, but it’s in 1926 with joseph hecht he took a really contact with a cold chisel. he developed this utilisation from this 1927, he installed himself in paris. in 1932, he became a member of “l’atelier 17”, but that didn’t prevent him to continuous his personal work of 1940 he gave lessons in “california school of fine art” in san-francisco and recreated “l’atelier 17” in “new school for social research” in new york. in 1944 appeared the colour in his work of art and in the same time punctured technique (metal is completely mad in his thickness).in 1946, he realised “cinq personnages”, a cold chisel with a soft varnish and 3 simultaneous colours.he used this technique mainly from 1951, and it supplanted the black and white. in 1950, he opened again “l’atelier 17” in paris. from this epoch follow one another personal expositions of his engravers or of “l’atelier 17” in france and in abroad. with regard to his engraver work of art, it number today, more 500 prints.

This work is an original work of art :
VAT is not recoverable from the original works, sales in the 7th directive (EEC)

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