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A 033 - gens de justice
by Honoré Daumier

Marseille 1808 - Valmondois 1879
25 x 31 cm


Honoré Daumier (Marseille 1808 - Valmondois 1879)


Honoré daumier (1808-1879) was a french engraver, cartoonist, painter and sculptor, whose artwork commented the social life and political life in France in the XIXe century.

He was a prolific draftsman, author of more than 4000 prints, he’s specially known for his political man’s caricatures and his satires of humanhood. The value of his oil paint was also recognized, but only posthumously.


He was born in marseille. His father was a glazier, but passionated of poetry, which convinced him to move to paris in 1814. Honoré followed his father’s lead and wanted to pursue an artistic career even though his father don’t want him to.
In 1822 he becomes Alexandre Lenoir’s pupil. The next year, he enters in the swiss academy. He did his first prints at belliard edition, then produced his own platelets for music editors and publicity illustrations. He works anonymously for editors, copying the style of Charlet. In 1829 he meets charles philipon, for which he did his first drawings. In 1830 he started a political cartoonist career by doing prints for the satiric newspapers « The caricature », with which he finally meet success.

In 1832, because of his caricature of louis philippe represented as a gargantua, he’s condemned to 6 month of jail. He still does his political caricatures until 1835, when a law about the press forbids the parution of caricatures.

He keep doing his satire about the bourgeoisie until 1848. He shows his first painting at the salon of 1849. Will follow a few paintings in a realism style close to Gustave Courbet’s.

n 1865 Daumier meets some  financial difficulties, he leaves paris to live with his wife at valmondois. He still does some political caricatures in the 1870s, but loses progressively his sight. In 1877 he receives pension from the government. In 1878 an retrospective exhibition of his artwork is organized at the durand-ruel gallery. He dies the 10th february 1879, a year later his body is being exhumed to be burried in the pere lachaise cementery in paris. The city of Marseille gave him a tribute by building in front of the Hotel Dieu a bronze statue.

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