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Petite fête aux fortifications
by Edgar Chahine

1874 - 1947
Eau-forte sur japon fort : 32 x 44.5 cm

Signée en bas à gauche

Edgar Chahine (1874 - 1947)

Edgar Chahine

Armenian origin he arrived in paris in 1895 after a short stay in venice and his first vocational is the painting he devoted to engraving with loys deteil and henry beraldy’s advises and he is fascinated by etchings and innumerable possibilities which offered to him. he went in eugène delâtre’s studio. in 1901 he bought a press for print himself. in 1906, he went in italy for 3 months because he is shocked by his girlfriend’s died. until 1911 he devoted to engraving then abandoned it until 1921, his marriage’s date. he came back in venice with his wife and engraved 40 plates. he came back again in venice in 1926 y drawn for m. barres “la mort de venise”.venice had a great place in his prints. a fire in 1926 and an inundation in 1942 destroyed a part of his work art, but luckily a lot of his engravers were send immediately after their appearance at sagot.

This work is an original work of art :
VAT is not recoverable from the original works, sales in the 7th directive (EEC)

1 000 euros

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