Bebé endormi
by Eugène Carriere

1849 - 1906
Lithographie sur chine appliqué : 25 x 18.5 cm

Signé en bas à droite

Eugène Carriere (1849 - 1906)

Eugène Carriere

Born in 1849 in gournay he frequented “l’école municipale du dessin” in strasbourg. in 1862, his father placed him like lithograph apprentice. in 1869 he went in paris for follow an academic formation in cabanel’s studio. he managed this studio after events in 1870-1871 and until 1876. his artistic personality is built, less by a formation judged narrow and cuted of nature, but his sketch’s practice paint from life and his discovery of rubens, turner, rembrandt. in 1876 he failed in a rome price but he starts, the same year, at le salon. 3 years later he attracted notice with the very promising “jeune mère”. in 1890, he founded, with rodin, puvis de chavanne and bracquemond, he died in 1906 in paris. “la société nationale des beaux arts”. from 1898 to 1903 he opened a free academy where matisse and derain came, the futures wild on “le salon d’automne”. he standee for this salon since his creation and he was the first president.

This work is an original work of art :
VAT is not recoverable from the original works, sales in the 7th directive (EEC)

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