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André Dauchez (1870 - 1948)

André Dauchez Talented landscape painter, Andre Dauchez is the author of many oils and prints. Learn more about this artist

André Dauchez (1870 - 1948)

André Dauchez

He finds his inspiration in Bretagne. His paints are mainly landscapes. Thanks to his engraver experience, andre dauchez is very concerned about drawing.

While expanding his palette, he works delicately with greys and whites, to paint the clearness, the silence and the wind that permeate his landscapes.
The art of andre dauchez is focused on desert landscapes and ranks of bretagne. His attachement to the drawing and the color will bring him in the first time to become an engraver. Encouraged by the success of his prints, he explores his painting talent. His oils are similar of his prints, and represent landscapes, trees, skies and low houses. His palette is soft, and serves well his lighted compositions and the big spaces that he loves so much. His family is passionated by boats, andre dauchez participates very young to a lots of regatta. His artwork is inspired by this passion. He works on patterns, he sketches by memory a journey’s composition or paint a study about colors.

During winter, in his parisian workshop, he uses photographs in order to give back a point of vue or an atmosphere. The first exhibition of Andre Dauchez took place in paris in 1894 at the national fine art society. He also contributed in a universal exhibition in 1900, where he got the silver medal. He shows his artwork in parisian saloons and in international gallery. At the beginning of the  XXe century, andre dauchaux is a recognized artist. He’s being made a chevalier of the legion of honor in 1911.

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